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Using Technology Better boosts your productivity and frees up your time. It’s engaging, practical tech training – without the mind-numbing, snoozefest presentations you’re used to.

Fewer tech headaches = Better productivity & a lot less stress.

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Our Friendly, Practical Approach Helps You Get To Grips With Technology - Regardless of Your Current Skill Level.

We're Perfect For...

Schools and tertiary education organisations that want to improve their results and educators who want to feel comfortable in the classroom by leveraging the power of technology.

Departments that want to make sure staff are capable of using secure systems that were time-consuming and expensive to implement – so they haven’t wasted money.

Organisations that want to up-skill their employees so they can be as efficient and productive as possible in day-to-day tasks – and be confident with the tools they use.

Anybody who’s ready to stop tech from holding them back and feel confident in their skills – whether it’s standing out in your job and feeling competent, or joining video calls with the family. 

We're Trusted By Smart Companies Like:

When Your Team Members Aren’t Comfortable Using The Tools In Front of Them, It’s Costing You Time, Money & Frustration!

…But besides the swear jar being full and people clocking off WAY later than they should,
how can you tell if your staff are struggling to manage their tech?

If you answer ‘Yes!’ to ANY of these questions, you definitely need our help…

Is confusion over technology putting added pressure on your staff?

They feel stressed, frustrated and as if their workload is getting the better of them.

Is a lack of tech knowledge killing your team's efficiency and productivity?

Employees seem to waste countless hours on admin tasks that should be simple.

Have you spent THOUSANDS on software and hardware that employees can’t use?

They’d only just worked out the old system and you think you’ve wasted your money.

Are your clients feeling the effects of in-house tech issues?

If you can’t look after your own systems, you can’t deliver your best work externally.

Do your workers get demotivated when they can’t solve computer problems?

It’s like they’ve given up on producing their best work because of a tech barrier.

Are you experiencing a big resistance to IT among your team members?

Previous training sessions have been hella boring and difficult to understand.

With our training, your staff will work smarter, find more free time and feel confident, supported and empowered. They’ll be able to immediately implement their learning to boost efficiency and achieve performance targets…

You’re welcome!

At UTB, We Deliver a New Standard of Professional Development Training That Delights, Motivates & Inspires…
(and prevents computers being thrown out the window)

For Business

If your staff are struggling to master your internal systems, it could be costing your company a lot of cash. Poor tech knowledge leads to substandard processes, unorganised information and weak customer service (not to mention lower profits).

We work with businesses of all shapes and sizes to connect with employees, increase efficiency, boost productivity and improve motivation. We help you invest in the development of your staff so they can improve their daily workflows and your bottom line.

For Government

When it comes to security in public sector projects, you just can’t take any risks. Regardless of deadlines, funding or implementation targets, your team needs to be 100% comfortable and confident with internal technology to meet your goals with minimal risk.

And even on a day-to-day level, many performance problems are caused by a lack of capability around email, calendar and file organisation. Seriously, something simple can cause huge issues!

For Schools

We’re educators at heart, so professional development and training for education is something we’re really passionate about. Our training is available at an individual level or as school-wide PD initiatives – and we always tailor our approach to your staffing levels and unique focus areas.

From your front office staff and classroom teachers, right the way through to the leadership of your school, everyone will be on the same page when it comes to using technology in a way that helps them do their jobs easily, effectively and to the best of their ability

For Teachers

When you’re delivering a lesson, there’s a huge expectation to effectively use the technology at your disposal. With our training programs, you’ll learn to maximise the benefits of tech in the classroom – and engage members in meaningful lessons that deliver great results.

More than anything, we want to save you time! That’s why we take the time to understand your context and explain how to apply your tech knowledge to your personal teaching routines – all so you can create resources quickly, support your members and spend more time doing the things you love.

Here’s How We Take You
From “Argh!” To “Ahhh!”

1. We’ll get together for an initial catch up​

First things first, we need to have a chat (because we get a sick thrill diving deep into your technology headaches). We’ll come in and help you discover your personal pain points. What are the real issues for your teams? Where are your bottlenecks? And most importantly, how can we put a plan in place to solve them?

2. We’ll co-construct a tailored training program

No two organisations are the same. And we hate one-size-fits-all training. There’s a big difference between knowing how to use tech and knowing how you can use tech in a way that really adds value to your organisation. So we partner with you to develop a plan of action that works for your organisation and your team members.

3. We’ll deliver some pretty sweet tech training

Let’s face it, people could watch YouTube videos all day and still not know how to open an email.. But with UTB, there are no cookie – cutter training modules or deathly boring presentations with 25,000 slides. Our passionate trainers always execute genuine, engaging training sessions that people love – and really learn from (yes, seriously!)

4. and finally… You’ll see some awesome, long-term results

We’ll boost your wider efficiency and productivity by getting every single one of your team members firing on all cylinders with technology. And it’s not just a one-shot offer… Our trainers will set you up to be able to problem solve and develop staff in-house – there’s always a sustainability plan in place.

Just Choose One of Our Three
Training Options To Get Started!

In-Person Training

Our amazing team of trainers will touch down at your preferred location to deliver a technology class in the flesh. It’s a great option for getting all of your staff together in one place so they can all develop their tech skills at the same time.

In-person training is perfect for teams who want
to boost their knowledge and have a lot of laughs in the process. We always create a fun, friendly learning environment where employees and trainers learn about tech with a smile on their face (we’re not even joking).

Online Live Training

Our online courses have been developed so anyone can expand their tech knowledge – anytime, anywhere. It follows the same process as the in-person training, but attendees join live, virtual classes completely independently.

Even though we won’t be in the room with you, you’ll still learn from our trained professionals without losing that human touch and support. Only thing is, you’ll actually be able to easily develop your tech skills at home or at the office!

Learn On Demand Training

With ‘Learn On Demand’ training, you get access to more than 40 courses guaranteed to develop your tech skills in meaningful, practical ways. Pre-recorded and hosted online, you can take any class whenever and wherever you want! Our training is best practice and we’re Google, Apple, Microsoft certified (not self-declared experts). 

But that’s not all… You’ll also be able to join monthly Q&A calls with our expert trainers to ask any specific questions, as well as share tips and tricks with like-minded people on our official forums and chat rooms. You’ll even get bonus resource packs to practice what you’ve learned.

Our Clients Say ‘We’ve Never Been
Taught Like This Before’... Because We Provide Expert
IT Training That’s Enjoyed, Not Endured!

We’ve all been there. Stuffy, boring tech training that leaves us sprawled over the desk begging for mercy. You end up distracted and disinterested – scrolling through old Facebook photos or online shopping for a pair of killer new shoes.

Let’s see if you can relate…

Here’s what a typical (a.k.a boring!) training session looks like:

A stranger rocks up in a fancy shirt, stands at the front of the room with an overflowing slide deck full of cringe-worthy stock images. For hours on end, this monotone voice goes in one ear and out the other while everyone is doing their best not to fall asleep! Oh… And the person who organised the training is taken off the Christmas list.

It’s part of the reason why so many people don’t engage with technology training – and never fully understand how it can benefit them. It’s just dull!

But at UTB, we do things a little VERY differently....

We Make Tech Training Fun

Learning about technology shouldn’t send you to sleep! And we’ve seen far too many trainers who clearly don’t want to be there delivering programs that are out-dated and irrelevant (they’d have a hard time keeping their own mothers interested). Our promise to you is that our sessions will be relevant, engaging and leave your staff wanting more (we even guarantee it!). 

We Tailor To Your Needs

Whether you’re a small school with a handful of staff or a multinational organisation with thousands of employees, no two training situations are the same. That’s why we take the time to understand your specific targets and adapt accordingly. We never take a cookie-cutter approach to your development.

We Have Amazing Trainers

Seriously, they’re awesome (just ask them) –

and endorsed at the highest level. Our trainers understand the process of delivering fun, useful training that gets you from where you are to where you want to be. And you’ll always get up-to-the-minute solutions that work consistently – with minimal resistance and frustration.

Using Technology Better is Asia Pacific’s Only
Team of Google, Microsoft & Apple Certified Trainers...

We’re fully-accredited coaches and professional learning specialists backed by
Microsoft, Google, Apple and more of the brightest minds in the technology industry. By working with these trusted partners, we can help you conquer your tech demons!

Here’s a little taste of what we offer…

Google, Google Workspace

Gmail Drive, Calendar, 
Docs, Sheets, Classroom &

Microsoft Office 365

Teams, Outlook, OneDrive,
Windows 10 & More

Apple Tools & Devices

iPad, iCloud, Pages, Keynote,
Numbers, iCal & More

Third Party Tools

STEAM, Canva, Seesaw,
Sphero, CodeAvengers & More

Bespoke Systems Training

ERP, CRM or any other management system you’re currently using

Third Party Tools

STEAM, Canva, Seesaw,
Sphero, CodeAvengers & More

Bespoke Systems Training

ERP, CRM or any other management system you’re currently using

All This & More Is Why People Love
Training With Using Technology Better...

It really gets you thinking about ‘why’ you do what you do. Great to have time out from the classroom to experiment and have time to think and discuss different ideas.

Abbey Howard

Highlands Intermediate

Thank you Mike! I really found the 4 week course on ‘How to Motivate, Manage & Engage Your Members’ really interesting and great food for thought on how to improve my class routines and member engagement.

KiKi Tsoli

Banks Town Senior College

Mike, awesome course, fantastic resources and a real wake-up for someone who considers himself technically astute but not necessarily updated!

Shaun Hardy

Technological Teacher

I have been teaching for four years, and this was the best Professional Development course I have completed…even the members said to me “you should do these things more often.

Ailie Granger

Griffith High School

OMG!!! What a change! This class has a lot of members in it, and I find the room very small for all the different personalities.

Vicki Nation

Chair Mathematics Faculty

I just wanted to say an extra big thank you for providing such a great service. Online, at night and in the comfort of home – with my two young children asleep in the other room – pretty awesome actually.

Leda McFadzean

Highlands Intermediate

Oh! Hello There Scrollers! All The Good Stuff is Up There
But if You Skipped to the End (We’re Not Judging)
- We Just Want To Tell You What You Missed...

UTB is a fresh approach to technology training that’s actually fun

We work with anyone who wants to boost their tech skills

We help you feel supported, confident and empowered with technology

Our trainers are fully-certified (and the best in the business)

We tailor all our programs to your specific requirements

We’re dedicated to boosting your efficiency and productivity

And more than anything… We’re pretty darn awesome!

So... If You’re
Finally Ready To:

Say Goodbye To Boring IT Sessions…
Boost The Performance of Your Teams…
Get Confident With Technology…
& Have Fun Doing It…

Book Your UTB Training Today!

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