Module 2 – Extending beyond the classroom

Module 2 - Extending beyond the classroom

The password to access the video is UTBPLN.

Welcome to Module 2! In this section of the course we’ll explore the following tools:

  • Hangouts Meet & Hangouts On Air. 
    Note: Hangouts On Air has been incorporated into YouTube Live, You will not be required to use it on the exam, but there will still be old multiple choice questions about this tool. Please watch the video to learn about the tool, but you cannot practice with it because it does not exist!
  • Blogger
  • Google Maps
  • Other Google mapping tools

Session resources

The session resources for this module are available here. Please make a copy of this document to record your own notes.

Help and support

The first place to look for help is our FAQ & Troubleshooting guide. The course discussion is also available for you to ask questions, share your learning and seek advice from our team of Google trainers.

If you have a private question, please use the private chat section at the top of the course. You can also contact us via email at Please include the course name in the subject line.

Where to next?

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