Module 6 – Course review and exam preparation

Module 6 - Course review and exam preparation

The password to access the video is UTBPLN.

You’ve made it to the very last module! Congratulations on working through all the level 2 content. You’re now in a great position to review the course and sit the level 2 exam. In this module we will:

  • Review answers to second multiple-choice practice quiz.
  • Provide information and tips for taking the exam.
  • Review key topics.


The video below includes a walk-though of the second multiple-choice practice quiz. Two questions on the quiz have changed since the video was recorded.

Session resources

The session resources for this module are available here. Please make a copy of this document to record your own notes. This module’s resources also include instructions for registering for the exam, exam tips and instructions for getting your Google Certified Educator certificate & badge from Google.

Requesting your exam voucher code

As part of your course fee, Using Technology Better will provide you with a voucher code to use as payment for the exam. Please request your exam code by completing this form.

You need to do this a minimum of 5 days before you want to take the exam to have enough time to receive the code from us and register for the exam with Google. It can take 24-36 hours to receive the exam link from Google.

After registering, you will have 7 days to log in and take the exam. We suggest you wait to you are ready and have some time set aside before registering.

When you do sit the exam, please let us know your exam result using this exam result form.

Help and support

The first place to look for help is our FAQ & Troubleshooting guide. The course discussion is also available for you to ask questions, share your learning and seek advice from our team of Google trainers.

If you have a private question, please use the private chat section at the top of the course. You can also contact us via email at Please include the course name in the subject line.

Where to next?

Click the ‘Mark Complete’ button in the top right corner to register your completion of the course. It’s now time to register for and sit the exam as per the instructions in the session resources. After you have completed the exam, be sure to notify us of your exam result using this form.




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