Part 4 – Peer Feedback

Part 4 - Peer Feedback

Google Forms can be used to provide specific and relevant feedback to peers.
By using the autoCrat add-on for sheets, which is enabled when you create a new spreadsheet to collect responses from your form, you can set up a system that will automatically email a Google Doc to members with their personalised feedback from their peer.

Watch the video below where Sam explains the process for you and outlines the steps you need to take for this task.

Link to the video

autoCrat can be used with Forms for other purposes also. You can create certificates with it or reading logs. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

Use what you know:
Set up a Google Form to work with autoCrat. It doesn’t necessarily need to be specifically for peer feedback – you might have another use for it that may be more relevant to your practice.




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