Part 5 – Webinar Recording

Part 5 - Webinar Recording

Here’s a webinar that Mike and Lara recently recorded.
They discuss the many features available within Google Forms and have some suggestions of ways to use these in your class programmes.

Link to the webinar

Some other uses for Forms…
My members used to choose a passage from a book or story they were reading and practise oral reading once a week. They would record themselves reading a page from their chosen text, then paste that link into a Google Form.
I could sort the data on the response sheet by name – and then the members could listen to themselves in week one and again in week ten. the improvement always made them smile – and I only had to go to one place to access all their recordings.

Sometimes when members are working on collaborative tasks it can get a bit messy knowing who is the owner of their Doc, Slide or Sheet – whatever tool they may be using to showcase their learning. At times it may have been an Adobe Spark link, a Thinglink or a link to a video they had made.
By creating a form that allowed members to upload a file or paste a link, add all the names of the people involved in the task and inserting some reflective questions – I only had to go to one place to access all their work. Magic!

Using the ‘Go To Section’ within Forms is a great way of managing booking forms – especially if you use the Choice Eliminator 2 add-on for Google Forms.

Use what you know:
What is one top tip that you learnt from watching the webinar and how would you use it in your practice?
Either create a form using that tip showing us how you would use it or simply tell us what it is and explain how you would use it.




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