Session 2: Going Paperless

Session 2: Going Paperless

Well done on reaching the second session of the Going Paperless and Getting Organised with Microsoft OneNote 30 day challenge! During this session, Adrian will explain the benefits of going paperless and show you how to load your hard copies and PDF’s into OneNote. He will also discuss the benefits of using OneDrive to sync your notebook so it is up-to-date and available on any device.


These efficiency challenges are designed to help you apply the session 2 content to your own OneNote notebook.
1. Choose one or more challenges from this list.
2. Follow the instructions to complete the challenge.
3. Add a comment to the Course Discussion section.

Got questions?

If you have a question that may be relevant to others in the course, leave them in the Course Discussion.

Where to next?

When you’ve finished this session, move on to Session 3 – Print No More.




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