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Help your customers to be fully satisfied with their purchases and get the most from their tech tools…then watch them keep coming back for renewals and upgrades!

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Does this sound familiar?

You’ve done your bit, kitted the customer out with some great hardware or got them up and running on a new cloud platform. Theoretically, they should be good to go right? Ready to reap the benefits of their new tools!

But before too long, your meetings with them are peppered by complaints. The hardware’s not working properly, or it’s too difficult to use. People are frustrated with the new platform, productivity seems to be suffering.

Management are starting to doubt their investment. Your chances of hardware or licence renewals are under threat.

What went wrong?!?

Lack. Of. Training.

People can’t get the most out of tech tools if they’re not shown how to use them effectively.

Standish Research and other estimates say

Only 20 percent of software features are often used,
while 50% of features are hardly ever or never used

What this means...

Your customers aren't getting the most out of the tech tools

Your renewals and upgrades are on the line

Adoption plans are seriously lacking or non-existent

Your margins are decreasing

What’s the solution?

Tech training that educates the customer on how to:

Use the tools productively and efficiently

Get the most from the tech tool

Use the right tech for the task/project at hand

A number of studies have shown that product adoption rates are affected by education. With training in tech tools, you’ll find:

How do you achieve this without a presentation snoozefest? You partner with Using Technology Better.

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You do your bit, we’ll make it stick

With our training, your customers will feel confident, supported and empowered in using their new tools. The organisation will actually see the benefits that the tech promised them! You know what that means… they’ll want more of it!

Why UTB?

At UTB, We Deliver a New Standard of Professional Development Training That Delights, Motivates & Inspires…

(and prevents computers being thrown out the window)






Kept Sane


More Than
We Can Count


Boring IT

We’re Trusted By Smart Companies Like:

We do things a little VERY differently

Our key difference

We don’t just deliver tech training on functionality. We deliver on practical application of the tools – bespoke to the customer’s environment

Why you want a partner

OK, so you get that training is a win-win for you and your customers. Do you really want a partner though?

Sure, you could go ahead and send one of your IT guys out there to run a few training sessions. We’re guessing they’re probably not going to be super keen about doing it, which means your customers aren’t going to enjoy the experience either. And if you’ve got BA’s, they probably have enough on their plate without adding ‘trainer’ to their job description.

Sounds like you have a gap. An unfulfilled opportunity to provide value to your customers.

We’re the partner that can fill that gap and create that value. UTB adds professional training capability to your team so that you can offer a customised, multi-faceted training service to your customers. A service that will keep them coming back to you, for more tech and more training.

We make partnership simple

It’s no secret that partnerships can be complicated. Frustrating. Seems like more trouble than they’re worth. We keep things simple so that we can both get on with business.

Our pricing structure is all-inclusive, so you and your customers don’t have to worry about hidden travel or preparation costs.

There are three ways you can partner with us. Pick what works for you and your customers. You can even pick all three!

Reseller Partner:

You invoice our training services just like a product. In New Zealand, this program is run exclusively with Ingram Micro NZ Ltd. In Australia, we can deal directly with you or go via a distributor.

Referral Partner:

You send the customer our way and we take care of the sales process. You get a quarterly rebate as a percentage of the referred sales.

Affiliate Partner:

You promote our online Learn On Demand product to your customers. They sign up, you get the commission.

We empower our partners

We provide your team with the training and resources they need to sell tech training to your customers. This includes:

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Partnering with UTB means

No more scrambling for value adds

No more heavy discounting

No more bombarding the IT support desk (#winning)

In the end

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Got questions?

We’d love to tell you more about the UTB Partner Program. Reach out to us via if you have any questions.

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