Chromebook Essentials: Education Edition

Getting your head around a new device can be a daunting prospect. But an exciting one too because you know this device has the power make your job easier. This is your first step towards unlocking it’s full potential.

In just 90 minutes with the UTB Chromebook Essentials: Educator Edition training, you’ll get you’ll get a fundamental understanding of the operating system, helpful tips and tricks to personalise the appearence and functionality of your operating systems, how to use accessibility tools so students with learning needs can get more out of their device, and much more.

Take the Google Classroom Essentials: Educator Edition training so you can focus on your work, not the tech.


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What you'll get

Designed for

Teachers who are new to using Chromebooks in the classroom or are using a Chromebook for the first time.

Do any of these statements fit the bill for you?

  • I need to set up my new Chromebook and want an expert to help me get it right. 
  • I want to get the most out of my Chromebook but don’t know were to start.
  • I want to personalise the look and functionality of my Chromebook so it does what I need it to.
  • I want to master the basics, such as how to print a document, connect to external devices, install and remove apps, and work offline.
  • I want to learn how to manage files and bookmarks effectively.
  • I want to use accessibility tools to level the playing field so all my students can reach their full potential.

Then this training is the right fit for you.

What you'll learn

  • The difference between Chrome and Chrome OS
  • A tour of the Chromebook (physical device)
  • How the Chrome OS interface and key features work
  • How to personalise your Chromebook
  • How to manage files effectively
  • Tips for working with Chrome tabs
  • How to manage bookmarks
  • How to install and remove apps and extensions
  • How to print documents
  • How to connect to external devices
  • How to work offline
  • Handy accessibility features

Course Modules

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Module 1: Module Title
Module 2: Module Title
Module 3: Module Title
Module 4: Module Title
Module 5: Module Title
Module 6: Module Title
Module 7: Module Title
Module 8: Module Title
Module 9: Module Title
Module 10: Module Title
Module 11: Module Title
Wrap up

Course Trainer

Trainer Name
Job Title
Secondary Job Title

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Kelly Kenyon
Technology Trainer
Digital Connoisseur & Efficiency Geek

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Access to a Chromebook is required for this workshop.



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Chromebook Essentials: Education Edition

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30-day money-back guarantee

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