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You’ve got the basics of what STEAM is all about in the Level 1 training. We salute you! Now you’ve got a taste for it, you’re ready to build on that knowledge so you can integrate STEAM projects into your classroom.

In just 60 minutes with the UTB Getting Started with STEAM Level 2: Educator Edition training you’ll get what you need to take your exciting STEAM journey to the next level.

Sign up for the Getting Started with STEAM Level 2: Educator Edition training and you’ll be well on your way to becoming a STEAM aficionado!


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What you'll get

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  • teachers

Do any of these statements fit the bill for you?

  • I have taken the Getting Started with STEAM course Level 1 and want to dig a little deeper.
  • I want to level up my confidence and knowledge to teach STEAM.
  • I want to integrate STEAM projects in my classroom.
  • I want to engage my students in purposeful and meaningful STEAM learning.

Then this training is the right fit for you.

What you'll learn

  • Various options for structuring STEAM in your school and classroom.
  • How to track student learning and encourage reflection.
  • How to ensure the outcomes of your STEAM program meet student needs and your vision.
  • How to integrate Inquiry Learning with STEAM projects.

Course Modules

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Module 1: Module Title
Module 2: Module Title
Module 3: Module Title
Module 4: Module Title
Module 5: Module Title
Module 6: Module Title
Module 7: Module Title
Module 8: Module Title
Module 9: Module Title
Module 10: Module Title
Module 11: Module Title
Wrap up

Course Trainer

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Nicole Brown
Technology Trainer
Steam Aficionado & Energy Optimiser

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STEAM Advanced

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30-day money-back guarantee

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